Gorilla butter Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet, creamy flavor profile. It is known for its strong, long-lasting effects.


Gorilla Butter is a potent hybrid strain that boasts a pungent aroma, unique flavor profile, and a long-lasting high. Its high THC content makes it a favorite among experienced smokers looking for a powerful buzz.

What is Gorilla Butter Strain?

Gorilla Butter is a cross between two popular strains, Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath. It has a sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of diesel and skunk. This hybrid strain has a high THC content of up to 28%, making it a potent strain that can induce a long-lasting and powerful high.

Gorilla Butter Strain Grow Information

Gorilla Butter strain is a moderately difficult plant to grow. It requires proper nutrients and attention to temperature and humidity levels to produce a high yield. This strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.


Gorilla Butter is a hybrid strain that comes from crossing Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath.


Gorilla Butter has a unique aroma profile that is both sweet and earthy with hints of diesel and skunk. It has a pungent smell that can fill a room quickly.


Gorilla Butter has a distinct flavor profile that is similar to its aroma. It has a sweet and earthy taste with a hint of diesel and skunk that can linger in the mouth.


Gorilla Butter has dense and sticky buds with a light green hue and bright orange hairs. Its trichome-covered buds give it a frosty appearance.

Gorilla Butter Strain Price Compared

Gorilla Butter is considered to be a premium strain, and its price can range from $12 to $18 per gram, depending on the location and dispensary.

Medical Uses of Gorilla Butter Strain

Gorilla Butter is a popular strain among medical marijuana users due to its high THC content and potential therapeutic effects. It can help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Effects of Gorilla Butter Strain

Gorilla Butter can induce a long-lasting and potent high that can last for several hours. It can provide a relaxing and euphoric buzz that can uplift the mood and enhance creativity.

Positive Effects

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Uplifted Mood

Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety

Gorilla Butter Strain Related Strains

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Gorilla Butter is a unique and potent hybrid strain that can provide a powerful and long-lasting high. Its sweet and earthy aroma, distinct flavor profile, and therapeutic effects make it a favorite among both recreational and medical marijuana users. However, it is recommended to consume Gorilla Butter with caution due to its high THC content and potential side effects.


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